Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Key information

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: 7.30 pm

The agenda for this meeting will be published at least three days before the meeting.

Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 2 September 2014

These minutes were approved on 7 October 2014

Please noteEvery care has been taken to present this accessible copy of the minutes with accuracy, but the formal record of the meeting remains the signed paper copy of the minutes.


There were four members of the public present.   A question was asked relating to the provision of “doggy poo” bins on the permissive path. The clerk informed the Council that this was being investigated by those managing the footpath which is, of course, a private one. Unacceptable levels of noise (music?) were reported from a local farm. Clerk to follow up. Concerns were raised once again over the parking of a coach in Avonwick. Clerk to follow up. The fridge/freezer left in the front garden of a house in Avonwick continues to cause annoyance to parishioners – hopefully the owner will see fit to consider the feelings of his neighbours and remove it. It would seem that certain dog owners now see Cobbly Walk as a convenient toilet for their dogs. It is an offence to leave dog faeces in any public space. The dog warden will be asked to deal with this. A complaint had been made by the Tennis Club in Avonwick concerning the parking of cars in the club’s car park by those using the play park. The council recognised the annoyance that this must cause but, as the Tennis Club is a private one and not connected in any way with the parish, it was felt that there was little the Council could do to affect the situation. A depression in the road surface near the Avon Inn was reported. Dog faeces had been found in the play park. Parishioners are reminded that it is a punishable offence for dogs to be permitted on play park land.  The Council was informed of the savaging of a kitten/young cat by two greyhounds that had taken place in the village recently. Dog owners are reminded that they have responsibility for the control of their dogs at all times.


Councillors Cooper, Hunt, Luscombe, Seager-Berry, Pearse,


District and Parish Councillor Steer, County Councillor Vint and Councillor Childs.


The MINUTES of the meeting held on 1st July 2014 were confirmed and signed.


The owner of the land in North Huish where it has been suggested a new seat should be placed has not yet been contacted for permission to locate the seat there.  The Roadway give way lines had been repainted in Manor Lane, North Huish.


The Council gave support to the pre-application for a Mobile ‘phone mast at North Huish. Mobile ‘phone reception was particularly poor in this area.

The Council offered no view concerning the installation of two wind turbines in Ugborough.


Specific items of CORRESPONDENCE were noted as follows:

  1. Letter from SHDC concerning New Code of Conduct and Registers. New Code
  2. SHDC Our Plan Workshop invitation – Cllr Steer.
  3. Allianz Play Area Report – Councillor Childs.
  4. Events on PC land – Council to consider its own form for such requests.
  5. Request from Hall Group for closure of play park for” Apple Fair” day -
  6. Request from Hall Group for planting of an apple tree in the play park granted subject to a suitable location being agreed.



Balance c/f 36,684.64
Income (playpark) 620.00
Income (interest) 0.44
Expenditure (pp) 30,400.00
Expenditure (ch) 64.80
Balance c/f 6840.28


This balance is made up as follows:


P3 money 149.40
Council funds 6690.88
Total 6840.28


It was agreed to pay sums equalling £49.87 to cover certain costs relating to the local website and £33.95 for costs relating to the play park. It was also agreed to fund the purchase of sand for parishioners to use in sand bags in the event of future flood prevention needs.


Parking at the North Huish/Avonwick junction was, yet again, causing concern to parishioners.

A ditch was reported to be forming at the side of the road near Southern House, North Huish. A blocked buddle hole causing flooding to the road was reported near Coombe Norris. The roadside hedge at Clunkamoor was still in need of attention.


Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 7.30pm at St James Church, Avonwick.