Annual Parish Meeting: Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Key information

Meeting location: Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: 7.30 pm

The agenda for this meeting will be published at least three days before the meeting.

Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

These minutes were approved on 3 May 2016

Please noteEvery care has been taken to present this accessible copy of the minutes with accuracy, but the formal record of the meeting remains the signed paper copy of the minutes.

Chairman’s Report:

Councillor Hunt reported on the progress of the Parish over the preceding twelve months. He noted that the play park was up and running and was used for the Apple Pie Fair in the autumn. Over £700 was raised on the day of the Apple Pie Fair. Councillor Hunt congratulated everyone who was involved. An apple tree was planted in the park to add to the oak tree that had been donated by Luscombe Maye when the park was officially opened.

Insurance and inspection of the park are provided by South Hams District Council. A few things have already been updated and a new covered seating area added. The Council has been able to reclaim the VAT paid when the park was constructed.

With something to look after, the Council has spent a long time reviewing its protocols and procedures. Councillor Hunt thanked the clerk for his unpaid time and effort on behalf of the Council and paid acknowledgement to the invaluable assistance given the clerk by his wife Councillor Luscombe. Councillor Hunt noted that now that the play park scheme was more or less complete the Council was able to listen to its auditor and reduce the precept by 29% to be one of the lowest in the area.

Feoffees Report:

Councillor Seager-Berry reported that reported that the trustees of North Huish Feofees, Bowden and Perring Charity – Mr John Hall Chairman, Mrs Janet Cousins Secretary/Treasurer, Mr Mike Bradley, Mrs Maggie Luscombe, Cmdr. Andrew Mitchell, Mrs Valerie Pearse and Mrs Marigold Seager-Berry met twice in 2014. In July there were letters of thanks from those who had received a distribution of money at Christmas 2013. Prior to Christmas 2014 the trust met to allocate £500 to four families.

The rent from the field known as Mary Park provides the funds to distribute in the Parish.

Village Hall Group Report:

Report of Paul Tyler (Chairman)

Significant achievements in our first year:-

Formed a committee with a Constitution and a Declaration of Trust

Took membership of Community Council of Devon (later called Devon Communities Together) with the help of a £50 grant from the Parish Council. CCD membership proved invaluable for advice and support throughout the year.

First Public Consultation Meeting held June 2014. Attended by over 10% of the parish population. An overwhelmingly positive response received with new volunteers and committee members coming forward. Costs covered by grant of £450 from Cllr Vint and £64.80p from Parish Council.

Apple Pie Fair held September 2014 as a community fun event. Sponsored by Luscombe Maye and other advertisers to help with insurance and  setup costs.  Very successful event which attracted over 350 visitors and raised £700 for the project.

Grant of £10,000 received from Big Lottery Fund December 2015 to carry out a Feasibility Study for a Community Hall.

Study work commenced January 2015 with a Community Questionnaire Survey. Devon Communities Together were engaged as consultants by ANHCHP to do questionnaire design and analysis.  The Final Report to be released early June 2015.  Thanks to Volunteers who valiantly delivered and collected the Forms.

Public Meeting held April 2015 where DCT presented the Survey results. With 50% of the parishes households responding and over 60% of the parish population filling in the forms, DCT reported this a very successful return and the results statistically significant.  About 84% of the respondents were in support of a new Community Hall.

Having so clearly answered the question 'Do we want a new Community Hall?' in the last year the project will concentrate on the Feasibility Study in the coming year.

Community events are also being planned with the Big Lunch event on 7th June and the 2nd Apple Pie Fair on 20th September.

The Community Website ( received a grant of £100 from Cllr Steer to cover hosting costs and is proving a popular site for news and information about community activities in the parish together with Facebook and Twitter feeds..

A big thanks must go to all the Projects volunteers during this busy year and especial thanks to Alex Green (press and publicity), Liz Rider (Treasurer) and to Lisette Granados (Secretary) for a prodigious amount of time and hard work to make everything happen.

Thanks also to the Parish Council for their support and grants during our first year.

The Chairman of the village hall group answered questions concerning the recent survey.

He sought the support of the Parish Council for the project. The Council Chairman replied that the Council needed to assess the situation once it had received the final report from the survey before coming to any conclusions. It was agreed that Councillor Grevatt would replace Councillor Steer as the Council’s representative on the group.The group was thanked for the work that it had undertaken.


Questions from parishioners:

The council was asked if changes could be made to its existing policies in order to permit an extension of its involvement within the Parish. The Chairman responded that no such changes were necessary. The Council existed, in part, to listen to the requests of parishioners made either personally or through a Councillor. The Council would then make decisions on specific targeted requests depending on considered need/benefit and affordability.

The Council was asked if the meeting room could be reorganised to permit those sitting at the back of the room a better chance of hearing what was being said. It was agreed to investigate possible ways of doing this.