Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Key information

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: 7.30 pm

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PDF of the Agenda for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Download the Agenda (PDF, 48.4 KB)

Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 3 May 2016

These minutes were approved on 7 June 2016

Please noteEvery care has been taken to present this accessible copy of the minutes with accuracy, but the formal record of the meeting remains the signed paper copy of the minutes.


There were two members of the public present.  The state of the brown tourist signs was noted. The parish was asked to facilitate the cleaning of these signs particularly in the Kittaford Cross to California Cross area.

Flooding to gardens in Church Walk was reported. Action Cllr Steer.


Councillors Bell, Gabriel, Grevatt, Hunt, Luscombe, Seager-Berry,  District and Parish Councillor Steer and County Councillor Vint




Councillor Seager-Berry left the room while the Council discussed the granting of a donation to Avonwick Church Council


The MINUTES of the meeting held on 6th April 2016 were confirmed and signed.  Proposed Councillor Hunt seconded Councillor Bell.


It was noted that the blocked buddle hole noted in the previous meeting had been cleared. The damaged down pipe had also been repaired and the notice board in North Huish had been fixed.


County Councillor Vint reported that during this year of major cuts to County Services, Highways have been one of the areas affected. Some roads have been redesignated as green lanes and there has been a reduction in funding for pothole repairs. The library service has been handed over to an independent trust and volunteers have taken on work that was previously undertaken by paid staff. It is felt that a good service is still being provided. The contract for broadband provision has failed. It is not known how this will affect the future roll out of the service but the signs are not good at present.

District Councillor Steer reported that planning applications continue to make up a significant part of the District Council’s workload. Where refused applications go to appeal the planning inspectors tend to agree with the decisions of the planning committee. A review of the planning department suggested that there should be no change in its practices.


The council was informed of the following planning decisions:-

  • Conversion of barn to a dwelling at Manor Farm, North Huish. Approved
  • Rear extension ay Hamiota, Avonwick. Approved
  • Amendment to application at 9 Higher Moor, Avonwick. Approved

The Council gave its support to

  • Request for outline planning permission for a permanent agricultural worker’s dwelling at Lower Greenslade Farm subject to a positive Agricultural Appraisal and adequate screening.
  • Request for refurbishment of barn and rebuild of orangery at Penson provided that the orangery is a stand alone building and not linked to the new agricultural barn/garage.

The council wished to hold a site meeting at Colmer View Farm before making decisions

concerning an application there.


Specific items of CORRESPONDENCE were noted as follows:

An email had been received from a parishioner seeking a response to an earlier email that she said she had sent to the Council.  The Council does not appear to have received the first email and has requested a copy of it in order to give it due consideration



Balance c/f 9098.37
Income (interest) 0.41
Expenditure (pp grass) 180.00
Balance c/f 8918.78


This balance is made up as follows:


P3 Money 149.40
Council funds 8769.38
Total 8918.78


The Council agreed to pay the following:

  • Insurance cost of £418.57. Proposed Cllr Steer seconded Cllr Hunt.
  • Lengthsman costs £1188.00. Proposed Cllr Bell seconded Cllr Hunt
  • and a donation to Avonwick Church Council £220.00.  Proposed Cllr Gabriel seconded Cllr Bell. The donation is in recognition of the use of the vestry for parish council meetings.

The Council approved the Annual Accounts. Proposed Cllr Seager-Berry seconded Cllr Hunt

The Council signed the Statement of Assurance. Proposed Cllr Bell seconded Cllr Steer and approved the Annual Return Accounting Statement for the year ending March 2016 Proposed  Cllr Steer seconded Cllr Seager-Berry


The road surface from Woodland Barton to Kittaford Cross is still considered to be in need of repair. Action clerk.


Tuesday 7th  June  2016 at 7.30pm at St James Church, Avonwick.

Additional Documents

PDF of the Approved Minutes

Download the Approved Minutes (PDF, 67.9 KB)