Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Key information

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: 7.30 pm

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PDF of the Agenda for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Download the Agenda (PDF, 48.4 KB)

Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 2 October 2018

These minutes were approved on 5 November 2018

Please noteEvery care has been taken to present this accessible copy of the minutes with accuracy, but the formal record of the meeting remains the signed paper copy of the minutes.


There were no members of the public present. The attention of the Council was drawn to the need to repair the Cobbly Walk sign which had become detached from its support. It was suggested that the Council should seek the support of County Councillor Hosking and District Councillor Steer to finance this repair. It was also suggested that the AONB might be willing to help. Concern was raised over the number of heavy lorries using the Totnes road from Avonwick during the night. Noise produced by these lorries was causing upset to those living near the road.  The need for an extension to the 30mph speed restriction on the North Huish road from Avonwick was accepted by the Council. It was felt that this should extend as for as the tennis club.


Councillors Bell, Gabriel, Grevatt, Hunt, Luscombe and Seager-Berry.


District Councillor Steer


The MINUTES of the meeting held on 28th August 2018 were confirmed and signed. Proposed Cllr Seager-Berry seconded Cllr Bell. The minutes of the meeting held on 10th July were also confirmed and signed. Proposed Cllr Bell seconded Cllr Seager-Berry


The situation regarding parking on the Ugborough road in Avonwick has been rectified. It was noticed that the hedging along the South Brent road had been cut back by Devon Highways. This included an area of Japanese knotweed, the cutting of which was not considered to be best practice. It is hoped that the highways authority is not assisting the spread of this weed by taking such action. The problem with horses and a van in North Huish has not recurred. It was reported that work had been completed on the water pipes at Charford.


Approval has been granted for an agricultural building at Lower Greenslade Farm This request had been supported by the Council.


Specific items of CORRESPONDENCE were noted as follows:

The Council had received a request from Diptford Parish Council to collaborate with them in their request for funding from the Community Fund for a mobile flashing slow down speed sign.

Clerk instructed to obtain further information on this from Diptford Parish Council. Clerk also to request the collaboration of Diptford Parish Council in an application from the same fund for a defibrillator for North Huish



Balance c/f  7,576.55
Income (precept)  1,232.00
Income (interest) 0.33
Balance c/f  8,808.88


The clerk was authorised by Cllrs Gabriel and Seager-Berry to pay the Insurance bill for the play park by BACS  £240.00

The clerk was authorised by Cllrs Bell and Hunt to pay the cost of play park repairs by BACS £169.00


Potholes were reported at Manor Lane and Hawkeridge.


Monday 5th November 2018 at 7.30pm at St James’s Church, Avonwick.

Please note the change of day for the next meeting.

Additional Documents

PDF of the Approved Minutes

Download the Approved Minutes (PDF, 49.4 KB)