Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Key information

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: 7.30 pm

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PDF of the Agenda for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Download the Agenda (PDF, 47.3 KB)

Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

These minutes were approved on 2 July 2019

Please noteEvery care has been taken to present this accessible copy of the minutes with accuracy, but the formal record of the meeting remains the signed paper copy of the minutes.


A request has been made for the provision of a bench in Avonwick. The Council, while sympathetic to this request, is unaware of land being available in a suitable location for such a bench. This will be investigated.

The state of Pennystone Lane in North Huish was brought to the attention of the Council.

See below – Cllr Hosking.

The Council was made aware of criminal activity taking place within the Parish. Parishioners are encouraged to take additional care of their belongings stored in isolated sheds, barns and workshops. Please also be on the look out for unusual behaviour involving the use of a white Transit van and a white Berlingo van.

The Council was unable to provide any information concerning the recent disruption of traffic through Avonwick by a large group of runners.


Councillor Seager-Berry - email concerning proposed village hall. Cllr Seager-Berry took no part in this discussion.


Councillors Bell, Gabriel, Grevatt, Luscombe, Seager-Berry, District Councillor Smerdon and County Councillor Hosking.


Councillors Hunt, Steer and Pannell.


The MINUTES of the meeting held the on 7th May 2019 were confirmed and signed. Proposed Cllr. Bell seconded Cllr. Seager-Berry.


It was reported that the damaged fence on the permissive footpath has not yet been repaired by Pentland First Port. Concern was again raised over potential injury to a child. Action Clerk.


County Councillor Hosking reported that various highway matters had been brought to the attention of the highways department. He told the Council of possible funding towards the cost a defibrillator in North Huish and the repair of the Cobbly Walk panel in Avonwick. He would investigate the situation regarding the road surface of Pennystone Lane in North Huish.

District Councillor Smerdon updated the Council on the organisation of South Hams District Council since the recent elections. He informed the Council of recent changes in rules applied to the redevelopment of barns/outbuildings. This has led to a degree of uncertainty over what is or isn’t permitted. He also told the Council that he was aware of the recent failure of

collection of recyclable refuse from the area around North Huish and Diptford. This had been put down to problems with collection vehicles. Whatever the cause the Parish Council deemed this service to be unsatisfactory.


Specific items of CORRESPONDENCE were noted as follows: The Council had received an email from a parishioner concerning the proposed village hall development. It was explained that all matters relating to the village hall should be referred to the hall committee which has no direct link to the Parish Council.



Balance c/f 8,495.89
Income (interest) 0.29
Expenditure (DALC Sub.) 108.13
Balance c/f 8,388.05


The Council was informed that its Insurance had been renewed at the same price as last year. The Council agreed to pay an invoice for buddle hole repairs. Proposed by Cllr. Seager-Berry seconded Cllr Bell. The Council also agreed to pay for defibrillator pads. Proposed Cllr. Bell seconded Cllr Seager-Berry


North Huish defibrillator. Avonwick information panel.


Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 7.30pm at St James’s Church, Avonwick.

Additional Documents

PDF of the Approved Minutes

Download the Approved Minutes (PDF, 51.8 KB)