Play Area and Village Hall Land

During the planning process for the Higher Moor development in Avonwick, a Section 106 Agreement was made with South Hams District Council for the developers to provide land in Avonwick that might one day be the site for a community hall, and a further parcel of land for a play area. At present both parcels of land land, which are adjacent to the Tennis Club, are held in trust and administered by the Parish Council, who arrange for the whole area to be mowed and maintained.  If you have any questions about the area, you should contact the Parish Clerk.

Village Hall Land

The parcel of land allocated for a potential community hall is currently open space available for informal use by the community. In recent years a number of successful community events have been organised on this land by the Community Hall Project and for the Platinum Jubilee. If any other community groups would like to make use of the land for community events, you are also welcome to contact the Parish Clerk.

Community Hall Project

A group of parishioners have been working towards building a new community hall for the parish on the village hall land. This group is separate from the Parish Council. You can find out more here.

Play Area

The play area was set up using 106 Agreement money from the Higher Moor housing development in Avonwick. It is situated just off the North Huish road in Avonwick on Parish Council land.

A group of interested parents took on the challenge of helping design and implement the park and although it took two years  it is now opened.

The playground was designed and installed by Sutcliffe Play is delivering challenging, active play opportunities to children.

The equipment installed included a unit from a range of environmentally friendly play equipment which encourages physical, challenging play and social interaction. The wood-based clamber units and trim trails are designed to fulfil many of the developmental needs of children and help improve their balance, strength and coordination. The unit installed at Avonwick Play Area features a climbing wall, fireman’s pole, horizontal climbing net and rope walk.

The play area also features a basket swing designed to encourage inclusive play, a mound tunnel to complement the natural environment and swings with a pod seat and a flat seat to suit a variety of ages.

Emma Cousins, Chairperson of the Avonwick Play Area Group, said: “We’re so pleased with the park. It’s not a huge space and the equipment really makes the most of it.

“We’ve had children from babies up to 14-year-olds playing there, from the whole village. The feedback has been brilliant – no one ever thought we’d have a play area like this.”

The park was opened on the 20th July by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Luscombe Maye, (Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents and Auctioneers) donated and planted an oak tree in the play park in recognition of their 140th anniversary (2013) since their foundation in 1873.

A picnic table was bought by North Huish Parish Council and with a grant from District Councillor Steer, a shelter was added.

Play Equipment:

Orchard TrellisOrchard Trellis
This challenging wooden play equipment features a climbing wall, fireman’s pole, horizontal climbing net, tarzan traverse and rope walk, offering a wide range of play experiences from strenuous climbing and agility through to fun rides on the slide bars.

Mound and Slide

3m Mound Tunnel and 1.4m High Double Width Mound Slide
This exciting cylindrical tunnel is ideal for crawling through, encouraging active play. Combining natural play with traditional play, the slide adds interest and excitement to all playgrounds.

Basket seat

Inclusive Basket Seat
Designed to hold several young children and those with special needs, this nest swing encourages teamwork in play.


Swings with Toddler Pod Seat and Junior Flat Seat
Produced for over 20 years, Sutcliffe Play’s swings are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel. The pod seat featured in this swing set is a revolutionary, technically superior seat for toddlers. Advanced rubber technology around stainless steel cables gives it flexibility, so the pod actually ‘hugs’ the child.