Avonwick Mobile Telephone Signal Survey

We’ve been asking the residents of Avonwick about the mobile telephone signal in the village. You can find out more about why we carried out this survey, and how you can still contribute, by clicking here.

Mobile Telephone Signal Survey Initial Report

Prepared by Cllr TTA Grevatt, March 2020. Revised July 2020.

1: Summary

Following concerns about the level of signal coverage in the parish, North Huish Parish Council carried out a survey of mobile telephone signals in Avonwick in February 2020. From just over 100 households in the village, 53 residents responded, and their responses indicate a very poor level of signal throughout the village.

  • The majority (79%) of villagers are using either Network Group 1 (EE and associated) or Network Group 2 (O2 and associated).
  • No network shows significantly better or worse signal than any other.
  • There are no areas within the main village envelope that report a good signal.
  • 69% said that they could not use their mobile telephones outside their house.
  • 83% said that they could not use their mobile telephone in the main areas of their house.
  • The strength of signal outdoors is significantly worse than assumed by official coverage maps.
  • 74% reported specific difficulties as a result of the lack of signal, with a third reporting that their work or business was affected.

You can download the full report or view it online by clicking the links below.

Download the full report (PDF, 1.6MB)

2: Contents

1: Summary

2: Contents

3: Introduction

4: Survey method

5: Key results

6: Comparison with Official Signal status

7: Implications

8: Conclusions

Appendix 1: Questionnaire questions

Appendix 2: Examples of difficulties encountered

Appendix 3: Local solutions