Parishioners wishing to bring any matter before North Huish Parish Council should either attend an open forum (held at the start of this Council meeting) or ask a Councillor to represent them. Parishioners are asked to limit their input to 4 minutes in order to permit the meeting to progress without undue delay, and may only speak during the open forum.

Don't forget that if you would like to raise a matter relating to other bodies, such as South Hams District Council and Devon County Council, it is often best if you contact them directly.  However, the Parish Council would try help if difficulties arise after such a referral has taken place.

Please note that a sound recording of this meeting will be taken and published online. Members of the public who speak at this meeting will be deemed to have given consent to being recorded, in accordance with our protocol for recording.

Key information and documents

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: Cancelled

Please note: This meeting has been cancelled due to the delay in easing social distancing requirements. See Agenda for details.


During the Covid-19 pandemic North Huish Parish Council has had to alter its usual meetings in line with government requirements. In 2020, the government passed temporary legislation to allow meetings to be held remotely, and NHPC held meetings online with full acess to members of the public until May 2021. Unfortunately, the legislation which permitted this has now expired, and HM Government has declined to extend it.

In light of the delay to the removal of social distancing requirements in England, NHPC has decided that we cannot yet hold face-to-face public meetings in a Covid-safe manner, as there are no all-weather premises in the parish that would allow us to meet and admit members of the public with suitable distancing and ventilation.