Bikes and Dogs in the Playpark


The Parish council has decided not to ban bicycles from the community land next to the playpark.

We are looking into ways to make the site safer for young children whilst allowing everyone to use the community land, including the possibility of a fence around the play area.

We are required by our insurers to remove the unofficial bike track that has been built, and are taking steps to level the grass again.

We understand that several people would like us to provide additional facilities in the community land: however, that land is technically separate from the play area, and the council has limited options for adapting it.

We would like to make it clear that we cannot allow any anauthorised alterations to the site, but welcome suggestions as to how we might officially improve it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the playpark, you can  e-mail


We have been asked if dog owners can tie up their dogs inside the play area while children are playing: we regret that it is not permitted to bring your dog inside the boundary of the park, as this is against the law under South Hams District Council’s Control of Dogs regulations, and subject to a fixed penalty of £100 or a maximum fine of £1000. Dogs may not be brought into the park at all and we have no power to make an exception to this.

North Huish Parish Council (NHPC)
April 2021