Mobile signal survey: Conclusions

8:     Conclusions

The survey has shown that anecdotal reports of poor signal in Avonwick are widely confirmed by the responses.

8.1:     Most of Avonwick has no useable mobile signal indoors

Signal is poor right across the main village envelope, with only outlying respondents reporting reasonable signal. Most households in Avonwick have no useable mobile signal anywhere inside the house, with only a minority able to get some form of signal somewhere inside, no matter how inconvenient.

8.2:     Signal is even worse than assumed by the networks

While the mobile networks and Ofcom estimate that outdoor coverage in Avonwick should be good, this survey suggests that coverage is poor. This discrepancy may be affecting planning for improved coverage.

The survey also shows that a very weak ‘1 bar’ signal is not, in practice, considered useable by most respondents.

8.3:     Residents of Avonwick are experiencing genuine hardship

A significant number of parishioners are being caused inconvenience by the poor signal, which is detrimental to their business, social life and health. Recent developments in security authentication, particularly banking, threaten to cause hardship to parishioners who have no reasonable mobile telephone signal. These problems need to be addressed.

8.4:     EE and O2 are the main networks to target

Respondents using all networks reported problems and no network is consistently better than any other in Avonwick. However, since the majority of respondents are users of the networks operated by EE and O2, these companies should be the initial target for requests for better signal.

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