Parishioners wishing to bring any matter before North Huish Parish Council should either attend an open forum (held at the start of this Council meeting) or ask a Councillor to represent them. Parishioners are asked to limit their input to 4 minutes in order to permit the meeting to progress without undue delay, and may only speak during the open forum.

Don't forget that if you would like to raise a matter relating to other bodies, such as South Hams District Council and Devon County Council, it is often best if you contact them directly.  However, the Parish Council would try help if difficulties arise after such a referral has taken place.

Please note that a sound recording of this meeting will be taken and published online. Members of the public who speak at this meeting will be deemed to have given consent to being recorded, in accordance with our protocol for recording.

Key information and documents

Meeting location: The Church of St James, Avonwick

Meeting time: To follow Annual Parish Meeting

You can download the audio recording for this meeting or use the player embedded in this page after the download link. Download the audio file here.


1:             Open Forum

For parishioners to raise matters of concern relevant to the work of the Parish Council

(NB matters concerning other bodies e.g. SWW, SHDC and DCC should normally be referred directly to such bodies.  The Parish Council would try assist where difficulties arise after such a referral has taken place.)

2:             Present

3:             Apologies for absence

To receive apologies for absence (if any)

Guy Pannell

4:             Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest (if any)

5:             Previous Minutes

To agree the Minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2022

6:             Matters Arising

  1. Notice boards
  2. Jubilee Grants
  3. Recruitment of permanent Clerk

7:             Reports

To receive Reports from

  1. County Councillor Daniel Thomas
  2. District Councillor Pannell or Smerdon
  3. The Play Park
  4. others (if any)

8:             Planning

To consider Planning Applications and to note decisions:

Planning Applications to Consider:

0673/22/LBC – Land Building Consent – Listed building consent for an extractor fan on the lower ground floor bathroom.  Bridge Cottage, Avonwick TQ10 9NB

Planning Decisions:

0986/22/AGR – Agricultural Determination- Application to determine prior approval is required for proposed agricultural building for the storage of feed, bedding and machinery, measuring 13.72m x 9.14m x 5.58m high to ridge (resubmission of 0591/22/AGR) Land North of North Huish – Prior Approval Details required.

Ongoing Enforcement Cases: which are confidential have been circulated directly to councillors.

9:             Correspondence

To consider correspondence received.

10:          Finance:

To note recent and future income and expenditure.

SHDC – Precept -                    £2000.00
Interest Received -                    £0.08
BHIB Ltd – Insurance -               £353.66
A Kohler – Clerk Pay March 22 -       £26.50
A Kohler - Clerk Expenses March 22 -   £9.82
A Kohler – Clerk Pay April 22 -       £88.50
A Kohler – Clerk Expenses April 22 -  £14.90
HMRC PAYE March 22 -                   £6.40
HMRC PAYE April 22 -                  £22.00

Balance at Bank as at 25th April 2022:

Treasurer's Account -              £1,611.42
Business Bank Instant Account -    £8,840.45
Balance                           £10,451.87

Note: Monies will be transferred from the Treasurers Account to the Business Bank Instant Account at the end of the month, to reduce the balance of the Treasurers Account and gain interest on funds, now the precept has been received.

To note that Parish Council Insurance has been renewed.

To consider, approve and sign the Annual Governance Statement 2021/22.

To consider, approve and sign the Accounting Statement for 2021/22.

To agree to certify itself as exempt from a Limited Assurance Review and sign the Certificate of Exemption

11:          Highways

To consider Highway matters.

To advise of temporary road restrictions from 16th May to 20th May.  To cover the road from North Huish Cross to Church Cross North Huish. The alternative, signed, route for vehicles will be via - NORTH HUISH CROSS TO RECTORY COTTAGE TO NORTH HUISH CROSS TO RECTORY CROSS TO NORTH.  This is necessary for new water service to be provided.  Full notice will be posted on the Parish Website.

12:       The Play Park

To review the situation re the Play Park

13:        Next meeting

To consider items for future meetings

To agree upon a date for the next Meeting. (7th June  or  5th July 2022?)